Overview of Licensing Requirements in Ontario

Point(s) of Contact/Authority – Electrical Licensing

Electrical Safety Authority, Licensing Department, Customer Service Centre
P.O. Box 24143, Pinebush Postal Outlet 
400 Sheldon Drive
Cambridge, ON
N1R 8E6 
 877-ESA-SAFE (372-7233) 

Links to Carrying out Business in Ontario
(including municipal/regional requirements)
Government Services Ontario “Starting a Business” (incl. BizPal)
Other Services (Requirements for Business Set-up and Operation) 

Ontario Licensing Legislation, Regulations, and/or Agreements
Electricity Act, Part VIII, 1998
Regulation 570/05 - “Licensing of Electrical Contractors & Master Electricians"
Agreement on Internal Trade
Other Labour Agreements & Initiatives

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