Volume 4, Number 4, October 2013


NETCO’S 2013 ANNUAL TRAINING CONFERENCE - REPORTNETCO 5th annual training conference held in Banff, Alberta on August 25, 2013 was a success. It attracted over 40 industry stakeholders from across Canada engaged in electrical apprenticeship and/or journeyperson skills training. This professional development activity is a Made-in-Canada forum to exchange best practices and to track emerging training issues.


Conference participants share a common goal of ensuring that their training systems meet the electrical industry’s demand for a highly trained and skilled workforce. The agenda spanned a range of topics including the Canadian Electrical Installation Standards being developed by CECA. Thank you to presenters John Salmon, ECAO Director-at-Large (2nd Vice President) & ECAO Chair, Contractor Industry Standards, and Tom Vivian, Standard Practices Expert, Consult Construction Consulting Services Ltd.


Other presentations, for example, focused on Mentorship, CSA Learning Tools and the Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship (CCDA) National Standards Development Pilot (Construction Electrician). A Reception at the summit of Sulpher Mountain sponsored by IBEW, Local 353 allowed the networking to continue. The appearance of a double rainbow was breathtaking!



Six delegates to NETCO’s 2013 Training Conference were honoured during a ceremony to present the first EVITP certifications issued in Canada. L-R Back: NETCO Director Jean Marc Ringuette; NETCO Director Kevin Levy; NETCO Director John Grimshaw; IBEW, Local 502 Director of Training Pat McGinnis; IBEW, Local 586 Education Coordinator Dave Cribb; IBEW Local 105 Training Coordinator Chris Swick; NETCO Executive Director Carol MacLeod L-R Front: IBEW, Local 353 Education Coordinator Bradley Watt; IBEW, Local 115 Education Coordinator Rodolphe Lenneau; Ontario Electrical Industry Training Trust Fund Training Coordinator Peter Olders.