Electrical Contractors Association of BC Announces New President

VANCOUVER – The Electrical Contractors Association of British Columbia (ECABC) announced today the
hiring of Matt MacInnis as the association’s President, effective September 19, 2022.

“ECABC looks forward to beginning the newest era in the organization’s 70 year history serving as the
voice of BC’s electrical and line utility contractors,” said Shawn Boyd, Chairman of the ECABC Board of
Directors and Vice President of Service for Houle Electric Ltd. “Continued investment in apprenticeship
training and prompt payment legislation will remain key priorities for our members.”
MacInnis most recently served as the Vice President, Communications for the Mining Association of British
Columbia. He previously worked as Vice President for a public relations firm, providing communications
services to a diverse group of clients including ECABC. MacInnis also has experience working in the BC
Legislature and for local and digital media outlets.
“I am very excited to join the great team at ECABC and spend time with our members to learn more about
their priorities and how the association can best support them,” said MacInnis. “I believe it’s important
that we recognize the critical role of electrical contractors in supporting key priorities of British
Columbians. From building homes, to maintaining and repairing power lines, to installing electric vehicle
charging stations, electrical contractors are supporting efforts to meet our climate change targets and
address the housing crisis.”

About ECABC:
The Electrical Contractors Association of BC (ECABC) was founded in 1952, when electrical contractors
decided that a strong central voice was needed to speak on their behalf. Electrical and line utility
contractors help build our province by installing and maintaining generated electricity to communities,
and ensuring the safe transmission of high-voltage electricity from power plants to end-use markets. Then
as now, ECABC is the association in British Columbia dedicated to the interests of electrical contractors,
line utility contractors, associate members and suppliers.