Electrical Project Supervision (EPS) Program


This innovative program has been designed into three integrated levels – EPS I, II and III – with each level taking three days for a total of nine days.  These programs provide field supervisors with the knowledge, understanding and key learning skills that are important in their respective roles, among their wide range of responsibilities.  Each participant will gain insight into how to move up on the administrative ladder and create strengths from differences, along with applying the skills and techniques that are old and new which have been incorporated into the industry over the years.  This program will enrich your understanding of the business and process in the field in the Electrical Industry.

Course topics include defining the supervisor’s role, team building, verbal communication, written communication, performance management, safety, production management, planning and scheduling, tool and material management, and understanding cost. A new module has been added to cover employee relations.


For additional information contact Gregg Whitty at the CECA office at ceca@ceca.org or 416-491-2414.

Modules for Each Level

Module 1:  Defining the Supervisor’s Role

  • Transition into Management
  • Supervisor as Part of the Management Team
  • Supervisor as a Leader

Module 2:  Industry Overview

  • Cost Realities
  • Profit Realities
  • Business Realities

Module 3:  Team building

  • Team Building at the Crew Level
  • Team Building across Disciplines
  • Building the Project Team

Module 4:  Verbal Communication

  • Communicating with the Crew
  • The art of Listening, Customer Relations
  • External Communications

 Module 5:  Written Communication

  • Job Site Documentation
  • Project Documentation
  • External Communications

Module 6:  Labour Relations

  • The Legal Framework for the Construction Industry
  • Evaluating Performance
  • Progressive Discipline

Module 7:  Safety

  • Safety Fundamentals
  • The Job Site Safety Program
  • Keeping the Job Site Safe

Module 8:  Tool and Material Management

  • Managing Tools and Equipment on the Job Site
  • Procurement and WHMIS
  • Job Site Material Management

Module 9:  The Contract as a Management Tool

  • Contract Fundamentals & a Neutral Contract
  • Case Studies
  • Using the Contract to Run the Job

Module 10:  Production Management

  • Case Study & Analytical Tools
  • Understanding First Run Studies, Implementing First Run Studies
  • Planning Construction Operations

Module 11:  Performance Management

(only covered in level one)

  • Understanding Human Nature & Motivating and Leading

Module 12:  Planning and Scheduling

  • Scheduling Fundamentals – Basic Bar Chart
  • Introduction to Network Scheduling, Creating the Network Schedule, Network Schedule Exercises
  • Managing Resources

Module 13:  Understanding Costs

  • Estimating Costs
  • Tracking Costs, Managing Costs
  • Cash Flow