Sometimes the answer is right in front of you. We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions that may get you an answer faster than contacting us. However, feel free to contact using our contact form and we’ll get you an answer as soon as possible.

Are there any recognized online training courses that can assist me with starting me on my way to becoming an Electrician? I have a electrician background from my country, but I did not have the chance to obtain my license due to moving to Canada.2020-01-23T09:19:10-07:00

Electrical apprenticeship is 80% on-the-job training and 20% classroom training at trade school. Electrical apprenticeship cannot be completed through part time studies. Click here for information to contact your provincial association for more details on becoming an electrician.

As an apprentice with 2600 hours in BC (who needs 6000), I have been offered a contract. How long can I keep those 2600 for without losing them?2019-02-14T10:16:37-07:00

Contact the Electrical Contractors Association of British Columbia office at the following link: www.eca.bc.ca

Can I work as an apprentice in Ontario with a “construction electricity” diploma from Québec? Do I have to take others courses?2020-01-23T09:19:56-07:00

The “Construction Electricity” diploma from Quebec exceeds the minimum educational requirements for an electrical apprenticeship in Ontario, so you should be able to start working as a first year apprentice in Ontario once you find an employer willing to employ you.

In Ontario, the in-school training takes place in three sessions at intervals during the apprenticeship. Basic Trade School (8 weeks long), Intermediate (10 weeks) and Advanced (10 weeks) are required in addition to the 9000 hours of work experience. To determine if the Quebec “Construction Electricity” diploma allows you to skip any or all of the Ontario trade school sessions, contact the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities at www.edu.gov.on.ca.

How difficult is it to get accepted into an electrical apprenticeship program when applying at local apprenticeship councils?2020-01-23T09:21:29-07:00

Applicants are selected based on their overall application score which is usually a combination of education, aptitude test score and interview score.

How do I become an Electrician?2020-01-23T09:20:53-07:00

In order to become an electrician you mush first complete an electrical apprenticeship program. Each province has different requirements for how to become an electrical apprentice. Click here for information to contact your provincial association.

How do I, as a consumer, validate an electrician’s license?2020-01-23T09:19:38-07:00

Each province has different ways to validate an electrician’s license. Click here for information to contact the relevant provincial association for more info.

I am a qualified electrician in New Zealand/Australia and would like to live and work in Canada one day as an electrician. Could you point me in the right direction when it comes to getting my license changed over? I understand Canada will have different laws/practices/codes that I will most probably need to study/do an exam.2020-01-23T09:21:44-07:00

Requirements are different for each province. We have a Licensing page on our website that lists some information for each province. www.ceca.org/licensing   Each page will have a link to the provincial association.

If you can’t find what you are looking for in the licensing section, you can visit the provincial associations. Ontario has a good FAQ section. You will find the following information on there site, listing who to contact.

Contact the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities at www.ontario.ca/page/ministry-training-colleges-universities.

I am a young lady from Ontario seeking information and resources on starting an apprenticeship in the Electrical trade. Any help will be greatly appreciated.2020-01-23T09:22:10-07:00

If you are looking for an apprenticeship in Ontario, you can visit the ECAO website and search for “Become an Electrician”. It will tell you everything you need to know about starting an apprenticeship in Ontario.
Additional websites to visit for more information on the career of Electrician are at:


I am wondering if you can confirm when BC will adopt and enforce the 2021 CEC?2022-01-28T10:14:26-07:00

Each province decides when they will adopt the new code. In BC, it is BC Safety Authority that has jurisdiction. You can contact them to see if they have an idea on adoption.

The link below will open a list of currently adopted code for each province and the authority having jurisdiction for each province.


I have a Journeymen level license in the state of Colorado. Could I transfer my license to Canada?2020-01-23T09:20:42-07:00

Each province varies in their criteria with respects to accepting licenses from out of country. Click here for information to contact the relevant provincial association.

I have my interprovincial electrician’s licence (red seal) class HC and am currently thinking about relocating to Ontario. Does this transfer to the 309?2020-01-23T09:21:13-07:00

The certifying body in Ontario is the Ministry of Training Colleges & Universities. They will review your certification for eligibility in Ontario. Their website is www.ontario.ca/page/ministry-training-colleges-universities.

I’m a qualified electrician from New Zealand and looking at possibly transferring my license here (if possible) what is the best way to go about this?2020-01-23T09:18:32-07:00

It would depend on what province you want to work in. In Canada, each province is slightly different. I recommend contacting the provincial associations for the provinces you may want to work in. We have links to each provincial association in the Membership section of our CECA website.

I’m an electrical contractor in Ontario. I am looking to take EVITP training course. (Electric vehicle infrastructure training program) I am not a union electrician neither union contractor. I couldn’t take this course thru IBEW union hall. Where can I go to take this course? I am willing to travel out of the province if this course is offered.2020-01-23T09:22:30-07:00

There are no non-union training courses for EVITP offered in Ontario. The only non-union training course offered is in British Columbia. Contact the BC Electrical Joint Training Committee for more information. Website is www.ejtc.org.

If I have a Master Electrician license and a Contractor’s license in Ontario, are any provinces east of Ontario, reciprocating, such as Quebec and further east?2018-11-19T06:34:54-07:00

Visit our licensing page for licensing requirements across Canada.

Is it possible to possess one “Associate Member” membership that assigns us to all the regions and directories ? My company has branches all over Canada and so it makes more economic sense if we had a membership that would apply to all.2020-01-23T09:17:30-07:00

CECA has decided not to have associate membership since we focus more on National advocacy and international relations. Most of the member/contractor interaction is done by the provincial associations. Distributors and suppliers become members of the provincial associations. If you decide to contact the provincial associations, we have contact information on our website in the Membership> Members section.

My electricians license expired many years ago, How would I get it back?2020-01-02T10:27:45-07:00

Contact the the electrical contractors association in your province to find out who you will need to contact.

In Ontario, you would contact Ontario College of Trades.

What are other career jobs I can do if I become an electrician?2020-01-23T09:21:59-07:00

Once you become a certified journeyperson electrician you can continue your education and have a career in the following:

  • Foreman
  • Estimator
  • Project Manager
  • Electrical Contractor
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Electrical Technician/Technologist
  • Safety Inspector
  • Instructor
What Interprovincial or Red Seal do I need to work in British Columbia and/or Alberta?2020-01-23T09:20:18-07:00

For Construction and Maintenance electrician, you require a 309A certification. Click here for information to contact the relevant provincial association for more details.

What requirements are necessary for an Ontario IBEW registered electrical contractor to hire IBEW electricians in New Brunswick for an upcoming project?2018-11-19T06:33:58-07:00

See the licensing page to obtain information on electrical licensing in each province/territory.